Cinnamon Snail food truck flavors delivered right to your home by a flying bunny who can sing to you about gemstones

In a wild mashup with Nuchas, we now offer a pretty darn exciting line of vegan products. Inspiring, nourishing, plant-based food that is effortless to heat and serve to people you love, or for you to eat in a bathtub while you cry, silently staring at a candle lit photo of Forrest Gump.
A portion of proceeds from this product line goes towards sanctuaries and outreach programs to help vulnerable animals and humans.
Now that The Cinnamon Snail has entered the cybernetic age, Chef Adam Sobel has been replaced with a reasonable attractive looking automaton who has a latex covering that looks like George Clooney.   Sorry, just kidding, Adam still makes up all our crazy recipes.